Friday, September 16, 2011

The Girls Needed a Rooster

Each week I drive from my home in Sacramento to my job site in Santa Rosa via Highway 12 through Sonoma and Napa.  It's a beautiful drive especially early in the morning.  Every time I pass Swede's Feeds in Kenwood, I see an enormous colorful metal rooster standing near the entrance to the rustic Sonoma valley feed store.  While I have no desire for a real crowing rooster in my yard, the thought of a lovely piece of yard art sounded amazing.  I was thinking of this rooster night and day!  I craned my neck to check him out traveling at 50 mph each week.  After stopping in and inquiring of the boy's price, I decided that $300 was too much to spend for him and that my husband would be furious if he found out the true cost.  I asked if there was one with a less hefty price tag.  A 24" high model is $100 plus 15% off.  PERFECT!

I love the way the hens seem to be bowing down to his highness.
Two weeks later after a rough day, I decided I needed a treat.  I took him home and placed him in a location that would receive the day's first light and is also viewable from the kitchen window.  At first the hens were afraid of him, but after I threw some chicken crack down, they warmed up to the old chap.  I'd like to find a nice name that fits this guy made of old oil drums and cars.  Any suggestions?

He looks great and I can't wait to see how he patinas over the years.  I'm thinking that the hens will take more of a liking to him and may even start pecking at the red painted metal.  It will make a lovely sound if they do!


  1. Oh he is handsome! Does he have a name?

  2. How about Sir Wally for a name?

  3. We've chosen a name. It's Rudy, named after the bartender at the Monterey Jazz Festival that we've known for years.